Monday, September 12, 2011

Violent, Loose Cannon - A Show Review

This is a review of the show we played with Dead Prez last month at Red7. If you'd like to read about the rest of the show, you can head on over to the Austin Cut website for the full scoop.

While the second band, One Against Many, was setting up their rock music equipment, I started to get major Lollapalooza vibes. After an intense nu-metal sound check, I didn’t know what to expect. They had the stage-presence of clean cut dorks that contribute to society, but their passionate angst-ridden jams are proof that underneath their calm and dorky exterior lies a vicious and unreasonable beast outshining Mike Tyson on cocaine. They ended their first song and I began wishing they actually were an over the top nu-metal band with ridiculous break downs instead of the frustrated modern hardcore band that they were. The band looked like it was holding back a lot to keep from alienating the hip hop audience that was slowly filing in the door.

"...a vicious and unreasonable beast outshining Mike Tyson on cocaine."

Between songs, the lead singer would switch from being the typical violent, loose cannon, hardcore front man to soft spoken and really polite. Throughout their performance, with a look of genuine sincerity, the lead singer told everyone how glad he was that we all stayed to listen to them. He also assured the audience the set was almost finished, even though the crowd looked pretty entertained.